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Volunteer Duties

Weekly Tasks


First Shift 3:45 to 6:00 pm

- Tarp should be set perpindicular to stage (short side abuts stage).
- CSA Volunteer Box located behind stage to right by window and stage door: contains everything needed for set-up.
-  Welcome table should placed near entrance door: with sign-in book; on White Board write "Welcome" and this week's items and any instructions, then open it and set atop the table; place two chairs behind table.
-  Set "Swap Box" sign on a table with an empty crate after cutting a plastic tablecloth to protect the table.
-  Set "Splitting Up" sign on two tables, cut a plastic tablecloth on this as the paper ones get soaked quickly.

- "Many hands make swift work," really applies here. If each collecting a share is asked to take a bin, remove the produce--if "Splitting" using the "Splitting Table," clean any debris from the bin and stack it on the stage. If each person does this themselves then everything moves smoothly and neatly.
- Ask each person picking up share to sign in (print, not script) next to their primary shareholder's name. Printing avoids confusion those few times a season when more than one person arrives to collect a share or someone signs in at the wrong name.
- Remove any produce remains from empty crates and stack neatly in storage area (behind stage to the right under the window.)  Do not block stage door!
- Keep room tidy, pick up loose produce on carpet, stage and wipe up liquid on stage.

2nd Shift  5:55- 8:15 pm
- Ask person picking up share to sign in (print, not script) next to their primary shareholder name
- Remove produce remains from empty crates and stack in storage area (behind stage to the right under the window).  Do not block stage door!
- Keep room tidy, pick up loose produce on carpet, stage. Use "Swiffer" mop to wipe tarp.
- At 8 pm:  repack CSA Volunteer Box with all contents of "Sign-in Table" plus signs, e.g. "Swap Box" and "Splitters." Store box and mopped, clean, folded tarp behind stage by window. Sweep up any remaining debris. Please ensure the room is clean and the empty crates are stacked neatly in storage area.  Do not block stage door!
- Help Volunteer Driver to pack leftovers into bags and load them into volunteers car.
- Before leaving, make sure doors to parking lot are closed and locked.

Driver: Shift  7:45 - 8:30 pm
- Assist in cleaning up the room.
- Pack leftover shares into bags and load bags into your vehicle. If possible, group similar items together for ease of unpacking.
- Call charity site, Open Arms Shelter/Grace Church Community Center when leaving TIC to let them know you're on your way (948-5044), and deliver leftovers to them and directions are in the volunteer manual.

Contents of CSA Volunteer Box
- Volunteer Manual  (Volunteer Duties, Driving Directions, Emergency Contacts, Sign In Sheets, Volunteer Calendar
- Sign in book lising members by "Primary Member" plus a list of those splitting shares.
- Pens for sign-ins, scissors, tape, extra shopping bags, ruler to help members sign on correct line
- Signs for "CSA: Welcome," "Swap Box," and "Splitting."
- Role of plastic to be cut as tablecloths for the Splitting table and the Swap Box table.
- For bagging greens: Plastic gloves and bags, scale plus extra batteries. Bowls and tongs for measuring the greens.

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